Benefits & Importance of NCC joining

Benefits & Importance of NCC joining

About the Author:

Mr. Shravan Kumar Yadav
(State Awardees),
Associate NCC Officer,
21 PB BN NCC Kapurthala

About NCC

The National Cadet Corps (NCC) is a tri-services organization comprising the Army, Navy and Air Force, grooming the country’s youth into disciplined and patriotic citizens.

It is a voluntary organization that recruits cadets from schools, colleges and universities across India. Under this, the cadets are given basic military training to carry parade and small arms.

The motto of the National Cadet Corps is “Unity and Discipline”.

The aim of National Cadet Corps is “To develop character, comradeship, discipline, leadership, secular outlook, spirit of adventure, and ideals of selfless service amongst the youth of the country. To create a human resource of organized, trained and motivated youth. To provide leadership in all walks of life and be always available for the service of the nation. To provide a suitable environment to motivate the youth to take up a career in the Armed Forces.”


Since NCC is a voluntary organization, enrollment is also done on a voluntary basis.

Any student, whether a boy or a girl, who is more than 13 years of age and studying in class 8 to 10 standards, can get enrolment in NCC Junior Division.

Similarly, students of class 11 and above can take enrolment in NCC Senior Division.

The training period of the cadets in the Junior Division is of two years, the cadets who successfully complete this training period are eligible for the A Certificate Examination.

Similarly, the training period of cadets in the Senior Division is of three years. Cadets are eligible for the B Certificate examination after successfully completing the first two years of training.

If the cadets successfully complete the third year training with passing the B certificate, then they become eligible for the C certificate examination.

NCC Training Period

During these training periods, cadets have to organize many types of military training camps, adventure training camps and personality development camps.

In which cadets are given information on subjects like Drill and Command, Arms Training, Map Reading, Field Craft and Battle Craft, Field Engineering, Obstacle Training, Adventure Activities, Self Defense and National Integration and Integrity.

NCC cadets develop qualities such as nationalism, patriotism, discipline, union spirit, leadership and confidence.

NCC adopts social development activities, which inculcates in the cadets a sense of selfless service to the society, dignity of labour, protection of the environment etc.

After receiving this type of training, the cadets appear for the A, B and C certificates.

The cadets who pass these exams are given many types of benefits by the government.

Benefits of Joining NCC

Benefits in Indian Army

  1. In every regular course of the Indian Military Academy (IMA), 32 vacancies are reserved for the ‘C’ certified NCC candidates. But to join IMA it’s a must for all the candidates to be declared successful by the Services Selection Board.
  2. The cadets with ‘C’ certificate are exempted from CDS examination conducted by UPSC. But for this, the cadet must have ‘A’ or ‘B’ grade in ‘C’ certificate.
  3. NCC ‘C’ certification offers you 10–15 bonus marks in paramilitary forces recruitment i.e. BSF, CISF, CRPF, SSB etc.
  4. If you have NCC ‘C’ certificates then your written exam will be waived off for the post of Soldier GD.

Benefits in Indian Navy

  1. In Indian Navy, the NCC ‘C’ certified candidates get 6 extra marks for sailor’s job and 15 extra marks for Artificer Apprentices.
  2. Up to 9 vacancies in navy are reserved for NCC ‘C’ certified candidates. To get the recruitment done on these vacancies the candidate must have done his/her B.Sc in Physics or Maths. B.E. candidates are also eligible for these vacancies. The age group of the candidate must be 19 to 24 years. He/she must have passed by SSB exempted from CDS examination of UPSC.

Benefits in Indian Air Force

  1. In Air Force, the NCC ‘C’ certified candidates get the advantage of 5 marks.
  2. In Pilot course total 10% vacancies are reserved for NCC cadets.

Benefits in CAPFs

  1. NCC certificate holders bonus marks in direct entry examinations for the Central Armed Police Forces, as prevalent in armed forces examinations, While the NCC ‘C’ certificate holders will get an additional 5 per cent of the total number, the bonus marks for ‘B’ and ‘A’ certificate holders will be 3 per cent and 2 per cent, respectively.

Benefits in Public Sector

  1. Many organizations from the public sector give advantages to the cadets with ‘C’ certification like Indian Airlines, Pawan Hans Ltd, The National Small Industries Corp. Ltd. and many more.

Benefits by Punjab Government

  1. Weightage  give  on the aggregate marks obtained in the qualifying examination on the basis of which admission is sought, up to 1% for NCC(B & C Certificate holders).
  2. Punjab  University,  Chandigarh   and  Punjabi  University, Patiala provides weightage of 3% for NCC ‘C’ Cert, 2% for NCC ‘B’ Cert  and  1%  for  NCC  ‘A’  Cert holders for admission to different courses in colleges of the Universities.
  3. Special credit  and  weightage  of  1%  will  be  given  for  admission to Govt Central Polytechnic College for NCC cadets.
  4. 03 and 02 credit points are given to NCC ‘C’ & ‘B’ certificate holders  for  admission  in  B.Ed.  Courses  in Govt and private institutions.
  5. Malwa Central Training College (for women) Ludhiana gives 03  credit  points  to  NCC ‘C’ Cert/ G-II certificate holders for admission to B.Ed.
  6. GN Polytechnic College, Ludhiana gives 1% marks to NCC cadets for admission.
  7. Punjab Agriculture University, Ludhiana gives weightage of 5% marks to NCC cadets for admission.
  8. Thapar University, Patiala gives weightage of 1% marks to NCC Cadets for admission.
  9. Punjab University and Art College provides weightage of 2% for NCC ‘C’ Cert/G-II, 1% for NCC ‘B’ Cert/ G-I, 2% for NCC ‘A’-II/J-II, 1% for NCC ‘A’-I/J-I.
  10. Colleges/ technical institutions under control of Chandigarh Administration provides weightage of 1% for NCC ‘B’ Cert/ G-I and 2% for NCC ‘C’ Cert/ G-II for admission on the basis of marks secured in the qualifying exam.

Institutions of Kapurthala which are linked to 21 PB BN NCC Kapurthala

  • NJSA Government College, Kapurthala (Randhir College)
  • Hindu Kanya College, Kapurthala
  • Government Sr Sec Schools (Boys) (Randhir School), Kapurthala
  • Army Public School, Kapurthala
  • Kendriya Vidyalya, Rail Coach Factory, Kapurthala
  • Kendriya Vidyalya, New Cantt. Kapurthala

The list is not full, there are many more institutes which are associated with NCC.

In the end, I request all the youths to become part of NCC not just to be admitted in the armed forces but also to become a good citizen of society and country.

Mr. Shravan Kumar Yadav (State Awardees),
Associate NCC Officer,
21 PB BN NCC Kapurthala

The views and opinion expressed are authors only view.

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