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Dear Sir/ Madam,

You can place your advertisement on our website. But before you decide to put advertisement on our website you will face many the questions like
  • Why I put my advertisement on Internet?
  • Why this medium when we have other advertisement medium?
  • Is it cost effective to place an advertisement on Internet?
  • Why is it to be put on KapurthalaOnline.com? and many more.

You will find all answers below.

Question: Why I put my advertisement on Internet?
Answer: Using the Internet for marketing has a number of significant advantages:

  • wide access to potential clients
  • clients find you-- you don't have to search for them
  • you can make your marketing activities of practical help to potential customers, creating loyalty
  • you can make your marketing activities much more interesting than traditional methods.

Question: Why this medium when we have other advertisement medium?
Answer: Internet Marketing is not replacement of traditional marketing medium. But it needs to be properly integrated within your current marketing activities if you are to derive benefit from it.

  • costs are small compared with traditional marketing methods.
  • website advertisement is available for 24 hours daily, 7 days a week for 52 weeks.
  • advertisement on Internet is more effective than other medium specially on Cable TV's. While surfing (using) the net the surfer is having full concentration on Computer Monitor and Advertisement blinking on a website attracted the attention more as other text of website remains static. On the other hand, In Cable TV. advertisement both picture and advertisement moves and person watching TV. is more concentrated on movie than advertisement which scrolls in lower portion of TV.
  • advertisement on Net is cheaper than traditional ways. Cost per viewer is far less than traditional ways of Leaf outs, Hoardings, TV. advertisement.
  • you can put all the details of your products/ services on internet and potential customers will check all the details of of products and services. The consumer will get all the information at very low cost. He/She will be delighted and will visit your place after making up mind for product/ service you offered.

Question: Why to put advertisement on KapurthalaOnline.com?
Answer: There are many reasons for placing your advertisement on our site.

  • website is online for the last two years
  • it is most popular website among Non-Resident Indians and resident persons of Kapurthala.
  • the website is listed on all major search engines. Which means any body anywhere in world when searches about Kapurthala will find KapurthalaOnline.com.
  • average hits for last year is more than 2200 hits per day.
  • the City based website is having full information about Kapurthala.
  • different customize packages to facilitate advertisement on our website.
  • you will be having clear competitive edge than others if you place ad on this medium.


For details about different advertising schemes.


Pankaj Sharma
Near Park, Kesri Bagh,
Kapurthala-144 601
Phone: +91-1822-235635
Mobile: 98147-57332
Email: webmaster@kapurthalaonline.com


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