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"Dariya Aag Da Tar Ke Lang Janda

Nahi Dubda Kol Punjabia Da

Amber Chidee Di Chunjh Vich Kedh Hoje

Dekh Je Dil Khol Punjabia Da”

The Culture of Punjab is really unique in itself. It resembles with no other culture in the world. But still it has all the good points found in many cultures all over the World. Punjabi Culture is though not complex but very simple, still it have several unique points in it. It is really unique, warm, hospitable, humorous, aggressive, lovable, colorful, enjoyable and full of taste.

Folklore, ballads of love and war, fairs and festivals, dancing, music, and Punjabi literature are characteristic expressions of the state's cultural life. The origins of Punjabi literature are the mystical and religious verse of the 13th-century Muslim Sufi (mystic) Shaikh Farid and of the 15th-16th-century Guru Nanak, founder of the Sikh faith, who were the first to use Punjabi extensively as a medium of poetic expression. Punjabi literature entered its modern phase at the beginning of the 20th century with the writings of the poet and author Bhai Vir Singh and the poets Puran Singh and Dhani Ram Chatrik.

Punjabis are really warm people. A Punjabi, even if  he meets someone for the first time, he meets him with the warmth and respect which is generated from his heart and can be felt  by the heart.

Even words cannot explain the Hospitality shown by Punjabis because they treat the guest before their own self. In Punjab the guest are compared with the God. This is the level of Hospitality in Punjab.

Punjabi food is famous all over the world. Punjabis spend much on their food and they are stronger than others. The main food to which any Punjabi can’t resist themselves includes “Makki Di Roti”, “Sarson Da Saag”, “Chatti Di Lassi”, "Aloo Da Parantha”, “Gobi Da Parantha”, “Poori Sholey”, “Kheer”, “Ghee Shakar”,“Alsi Di Pinni”. The list is unlimited when it comes for Punjabi Food. In Punjab, Punjabi Dhabas can be found all over on the highway full of crowd anytime.


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