Kapurthala Ramlila Festival Photo Gallery - Sep, 2009
Photography By: Mr. Pankaj Sharma, Mr. Shiv Kumar, Mr. Vinay Sharma, Mr. Rahul Bajaj

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RAMLILA festival was celebrated in Kapurthala during the month of September 2009. Ramlila, basically an enactment of a myth RAMAYANA, is presented as a cycle-play with the story varying from 7 to 31 days. In Kapurthala, it is celebrated for 10 days. The 10th Day is celebrated as Dusherra, it was on 28 Sep. The Ramlila performance evokes a festive atmosphere & enables observance of religious rites. It is also rich in performance crafts such as costume jewellery, masks, headgear, make-up and decoration.

Ramlila with a predominance of jhankis - tableaux pageants; the dialogue based style with multi local staging. Enactment of Lord Rama's life through Ramlila, waited by children, who really enjoy the dialogues. It helps them to learn from teachings from Lord Rama's Life and Goddess Sita, Wife of Lord Rama. Ramlila begins with Birth of Lord Rama till the victory over Ravana. One day during Ramlila, Marriage procession of Sri Ram Called 'Rambarat' is held every year. Thousands of people gathered in streets to have a look at various Tableaux pageants (Jhankis).

Small Kids of Kapurthala Dressed as Vanar Sena of Shri Ram, fighting under supervision of Hanuman

Small Kids of Kapurthala Dressed as Vanar Sena of Shri Ram, ready to take on Ravan Army under supervision of Hanuman

Making Plans to Start War against Ravan

Lord Ram Doing Planning to take on Ravan on the final day , Dusherra day at Ramlila Ground, Devi Talab, Kapurthala

Ravan's Side getting ready for Final war

Ravan's Army planning how to tackle Ram's army



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Home >> Events >> Ramlila Festival 2009

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