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History of Kapurthala


Social Position During Regime

During the exceptionally long period of 54 years' reign it had been the Maharaja's earnest endeavour to so all he could for the advancement of his State and his people. Particular attention had been devoted to the beneficent departments of the State. The expenditure on Education, Medical and Public Works Departments had risen gradually and represents nearly 25 per cent of the gross income of the State proper. The State maintained more educational institutions and the percentage of boys of school going age attending these schools was higher than in the adjoining districts. The expenditure of education alone had risen from Rs.22, 000 in 1890 to over two lakhs per annum since the year 1925.

Hospitals and dispensaries were founded in all towns and important centers of the State with the object of affording medical relief within a radius of four miles. The state could boast of an efficient system of sanitation, sewerage and drainage at that time.

His Highness had wisely realized almost 25 years ago that the Indian States could not for long remain indifferent to the political forces working all round, and the rapidly changing conceptions of Indian society, and that it was necessary in their own interest to associate the people more intimately with the administration of the States.

Civil bodies composed of a majority of elected members were functioning in the municipal towns of the state, and were presided over by non-officials. A Rural board consisting entirely of elected agriculturists supervises village sanitation, village roads and controls measures of rural welfare. To afford relief to the destitute of the state and with a view to reduce professional beggary His highness has decided to establish a poor house at Kapurthala, where the poor and the needy will be comfortably lodged and properly looked after. The inmates will be trained in simple and useful handicrafts that will enable them to earn their livings when they leave the asylum.



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