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Photo Gallery : Vibrant Images
Vibrant Images of real life is an attempt to give you insight of life in Kapurthala. 
The complete new gallery with new  pictures will be online very shortly.

On Entry to Kapurthala via Jalandhar Kapurthala road, at Mansoorwal, you find the Kumihaar (Artisan) The families shapes the mitti and the person is illiterate but have big dreams for his children and providing them education (Photo: Pankaj Sharma) Making of chulah (burner) by aged senior citizen. Everyone remembers Grandmothers (Dadi's-Nani's) making Lohs in village. and still common in villages. (Photo: Pankaj Sharma) A common scene at roads in India. Illitrate kids work for food, A child cleaning the vehicles for food. (Photo: Pankaj Sharma)
Phulkari: Punjabi handicraft by girls. The Phulkari is losing its shine due to industrialisation and faster life styles. (Photo: Pankaj Sharma)  Youths in Punjab: Really enjoy parties and travels in big vehicles. A party of youths from Kapurthala on road. (Photo: Pankaj Sharma) Making of Gur (Jiggery) at road side. This type of enterprises can be found along road sides in different districts of Punjab. Mostly run by families from Bihar/UP People love to buy the fresh Gur (Sugar) from these vendors. (Photo: Pankaj Sharma)

2005 :   Dusherra Festival Pictures || Ramlila Celebrations || Shri Krishna Janamastmi Celebrations 

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