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Photo Gallery : Vibrant Images
Vibrant Images of real life is an attempt to give you insight of life in Kapurthala. 

Dusherra Festival

Lord Rama & Laxman during Ramlila at Dusherra. Preparing for fight against Ravana 

A Child Artist as Vanar Sena (Army of Monkeys) fighting the Holy War of Ramayana against Evil Ravana.

 Bhagat Hanuman fighting the war against Ravana during Dusherra Festival at Kapurthala, Punjab




Lord Rama (Bhagwan Ram) fighting with Ravana (Rawan) during Dusherra Festival (Vijayadashmi) at Devi Talab Ground, Kapurthala. Thousands of people including children enjoying the cycle play Ramlila for 10 days


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