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Tourist Attractions

City of wonderful architecture and beautiful gardens and once called the Paris of Punjab because of its cleanliness and planned township. Kapurthala have many famous tourist attractions.

Sainik School  (Jagatjit Singh Palace), The Mall Road

One of the remarkable building of Kapurthala is Sainik School. This is also known as Jagatjit Palace. Maharaja Jagatjit's palace and gardens were modeled on Versailles. He hired a French architect M. Marcel, was inspired by the palaces of Versailles and Fontainbleau. Its plaster of Paris figures and painted ceilings represent the finest features of French art and architecture. It was built in renaissance style with the sunken park in the front (Known as Baija) and has many other similarities to that of Palace of Versailles. The construction of this palace took roughly eight years(1900-1908).The interior decoration of the palace, which is unique of its kind in India was carried out by expert European and Indian workmen. The great Darbar Hall is one of the finest in India. The palace is full of imported art work from France, Italy, Holland.


Panj Mandir

Faith whether of God or of hope paves the way to read a life. When places of obeisance having historical and amusing values imbibe rigid faith in believers. Panch Mandir of Kapurthala, built during the reign of, Sardar Fateh Singh, have such qualities of historical importance and having amazing idole and this is the second temple of a country where monument of God 'Surya' is enlighted directly by Sun enerafter. Several smaller temples dedicated to different deities surround the principal dome in center. Another amazing stuff is that from the main silver door of temple one can pay obeisance to every idol and there idols seems same attractive from outside the door as they are from in. Even historic idol of God "Bramajee" is placed in this temple. A replica of this only temple of its kind was exhibited in the pre-partition Punjab Museum at Lahore.


Jagatjit Club

The Jagatjit Club on the Mall is a typical Greeco-Roman specimen of architecture resembling the Acropolis at Athens in Greece. It thus differs from the other French style structure in the city.



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