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Tourist Attractions


Moorish Mosque

This is one of the most historic as well as unique building situated in Kapurthala. It was built by his highness Maharaja Jagatjit Singh Bahadur, G.C.S.I., G.C.I.E., G.B.E. Designed by famous French architect M. Manteaux, it is a unique piece of art of the Moorish style of architecture. This is patterned after the Qutbya Mosque on Morocco. It has a large compound paved with pure Indian Marble and decorators from Lahore School of Art had designed the interiors of the historic Mosque. Its construction was started on October,1926 and which was completed on March1930.Total building cost of Mosque was Rs.4,00,000.00. It was inaugurated by Nawab Sadiq Mohd. Khan Bahudar, Ruler of Bahawalpur State on March 14,1930.The existence of this Mosque will bear an enduring testimony to his highness broad minded tolerance & solicitude for welfare of his subject. Also there is Red Cross Rose Garden, inaugurated by Giani Zial Singh, C.M. Punjab on December 6,1972.Its replica was exhibited in the pre-partition Punjab Museum in Lahore.



Elysee Palace housing MGN School at present was built by Maharaja Bikram Singh in 1862


Courts (Kachari)

This historic building is situated in the middle of City. It is very good piece of Art and was built by Maharaja Fateh Singh.. It is a sprawling edifice in red bricks with impressive domes and grills resembling East European Structures. The designs of doors and windows are Islamic. There is also a bronze statue of Maharaja Fateh Singh inside the premises of Courts. Many government offices are there in this building. Different halls in this building represents to what extent the former rulers of Kapurthala State love for art.

Shalimar Garden

The city has an beautiful Shalimar Gardens. One historical building -"Baradari" is also present in the Shalimar Garden where Maharaja Ranjit Singh and Maharaja Fateh Singh had met. There are also "Samadhis" of former rulers of Kapurthala State in this historic garden having excellent work on art of them. There is a magnificent gate at the entrance of this garden. It also has a pond , a park & a library. The Basant Panchi Mela is organised every year in this historic garden.


State Gurudwara

It is situated in the center of the city on Sultanpur road. It was built by Maharaja Jagatjit Singh under the in charge of Revail Singh.

Sadar Bazar (Main Kapurthala Market)

Oldest Market and biggest market of the city is Sadar Bazar where person can get almost all the stuff of daily use. In the past this Bazar was made very systematically and all the buildings are of identical type but at present there is only few signs of its historic image.



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