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Major Villages



This village is situated 13 Kilomaters East of Kapurthala City and is close to Jalandhar. This village is very famous for its attachment with Sixth Guru Shri HarGobind Ji & Baba Kan Dass Ji Maharaj. It is said that Sixth Guru, Shri HarGobind Ji visited this place & in His memory a big Gurudwara named 'Gurudwara Tahli Sahib' is constructed here. A Gurudwara in the memory of Baba Kan Dass Ji Maharaj is also built where people from all walks of life gather in large number on the day of Masaya for prayers. People offer wine in this Gurudwara & Parshad is given to the pilgrims who used to visit this holy place. A Gurudwara Tavi Sahib is also situated there which is also linked to Sixth Guru, Guru Shri HarGobind Singh Ji where He killed the lion without arms.

There are other worth-seeing places i.e. Shiv Bari, Hanuman Mandir, Baba Kan Dass Temple, Durga Mandir, Gurudwara Ghanta Ghar. There are worth-seeing idols in these temples. At Kala Sanghian, Chingh is held every year where famous Wrestlers comes from the different parts of the country and from abroad to wrestle. Kala Sanghian is also having Degree College.


It is situated 5 Kilometers from the Kapurthala City. It is famous as Picnic Spot. Vaisakhi Mela is organized every year by Government on 13th April. Thousands people gathers here on this occasion.


This village is situated on Kapurthala- Sultanpur Road. This village has got its name from temple named 'Khera Mandir'.


This town is situated at about 21 Kilometers from Kapurthala City. This place has a Gurudwara built related to Sri Guru Hargobind Singh Ji. Next to it , Gurudwara Bauli-Sahib is situated. This place has many schools & colleges and houses many rice thrashing mills and ice making factories.


Subhanpur is one of the famous village of Kapurthala and is situated in the center of District. It is situated near Bias station which is 5-7 kilometers from here and is the halt for all the major trains. 24 hour Bus service is also available for the village.

Some People are doing job, some are having their own business and other are engaged in agriculture. This Village is situated on NH1 pertaining which crosses Kapurthala-Tanda Road.

In this village all kinds of People are living together. On the entrance of the village Marvelous Gurudwara welcome's us. This Gurudwara is also popular in other nearby villages. This Gurudwara is having double story building and “Langer hall”. Gentle village person’s are settled Abroad and they are giving financial help for the development of the village. At present this village is developing and people giving a new shape to their houses. In this village one primary school and dispensary are available and in addition to this one health club is also there in the village which is still under construction.

This village is situated at 10 kilometers from Kapurthala and having Rural and Modern culture.


It is stones throw from Phagwara, bisected by the GT Road.


Pandori Arian is half kilometer from Bholath and located at Bholath, Kartarpur Road. About 15 families that used to live in Pandori have  well settled in America also. Late Subedar Bhinda Singh served in the British army and he was honored with (OB) the order of British Empire. There is a big dera (Gurdwara) under construction of Sant Baba Darshan Singh Ji, Amritsar walai.” The information is provided to us by S. Ranjit Singh of Pandori Arian, Presently settled in New York.







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