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Typical Punjabi Village


Pind Da Swerah (Village Early Morning)

Old Banyan Tree ("Bargad da Rukh")Tindah Wala Khooh and Banyan Tree

                           Any village could be popular due to any personality or any other reason. In big village main things are old banyan Tree and “tibia” are too popular. That banyan tree is popular because you can always see the old persons for playing cards on that place.

Old villagers of village don’t like sit under AC rooms or fans because they like Natural air. That’s why villager person has a good health. Tindah Wala Khooh and Banyan Tree (On right)


Agriculture Main Occupation & Carefree Nature

Most of people in village preferred agriculture occupation Due to agriculture they adapt side business as diary farming . Therefore, agriculture has become a chief occupation. They are careless about their present and future. Normally in some villages you can see old  wells but the people do not give preference to wells. We can see old Forts in villages which have totally destroyed at present. That places are look like a dreadful place most of villagers are superstitious that’s why villagers are not going on that side. Normally you can meet old players.


Rural Games or Village Games

Normally you can meet old players in the villages. Now-a- days you can see a big level tournament in villages. As like Kabbaddi, Volleyball, Dog’s race, Cart race, Cycle race, aged people race and many more. In this way people get together.




Caste System and Religious Places

In villages all caste people are often seen. So you can see Gurudwara, Temple and Mosque. In that place Fairs are going on every year. In Fairs entertainment programs are running. People are going to Temple and Gurudwara in morning and evening time. In the months of September ,October and November several people organize “jag ran”.

No Proper Drainage System

There is not a proper drainage system. Even there is a separate place for gathering of wastage known as “chhpar”.

Main Recreation of Villagers

The main source of recreation of villagers are playing cards, Kabbaddi , wrestling , running  and cultural programs.

Welcome Gate Or "Swagati Dawar"

Welcome gate has also built in every village. With the help of these gates strangers and outsiders can easily arrived at this place.          


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Home >>Villages >> Punjabi Village 



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