How to reach (Location)

Kapurthala is situated on NH 703A and part of district lies on NH 1. Kapurthala district is two non-contiguous parts. Phagwara block is one part which is on NH 1 and Kapurthala city and remaining three blocks are in other part.

How to reach Kapurthala, Sultanpur Lodhi, Rail Coach Factory Dhilwan, Nadala, Bhulath. The Kapurthala lies on NH 703A. It is 19 kilometers from Jalandhar city.

The person can take route either through Jalandhar city via Kapurthala Chowk or take turn from Kartarpur on NH 1 after Jalandhar if coming from Ludhiana – Jalandhar side.

If tourist or travelers coming from Amritsar one can take turn towards Kapurthala-Sultanpur Lodhi road from Subhanpur village after Ramidi village on NH 1.