Shalimar Bagh

ਸ਼ਾਲੀਮਾਰ ਬਾਗ, Situated on Bus Stand – Kanjli Road (Amritsar Road), Kapurthala

Historical Garden and Now one of Kapurthala’s Favorite location for Pre-Weddings Shoots and Punjabi Songs

Shalimar Garden (Shalimaar Bagh) Kapurthala

Shalimar Bagh, a place which always remains a happening place yet peaceful. It houses the Municipal Corporation office, Children’s Park, a designated place for protests, Samadahi’s of Royal family of Kapurthala. It also houses a restaurant.

The garden contains cenotaphs of the royal family of Kapurthala. These are red stone chambers with marvelous craft work. The marble obelisks are important features of these.

Now a days, it attracts visitors, architecture students from across the state due to its design. It is also a hot pre-wedding shoot destination and for video production.

The Local bodies government offices, water and sewerage also houses in the Shalimar Garden. The Shalimar garden also has the emergency services office of Fire Departments which remains active for 24 x 7 for the local community.

The Shalimar Garden is also a designated Protest point in Kapurthala.

The rich biodiversity of Shalimar Garden makes it a unique destination. The different kinds of flora and fauna attracts morning and evening walkers from near by localities.

The melodious chirpings of birds makes the walk a pleasant one. A quite place with its greenery.

Shalimar Garden various green parks are used for different social and religious gatherings. The famous Basant Panchi mela is being hoisted here till recent past.

The famous Ramlila during Dusheera Festival is being organised by Dusherra Committee in this garden during night time.

The children park which is situated on the left side of the garden from its entrance is prime attraction for the children and adults.

A small mountain replica with stones is one of prime fun activity for children. They love to climb it. A new acupuncture walking area was made for the elders.

A Small Mountain for fun for children

The children’s park also houses a public library where elders used to read newspapers.

The rides of children are available in the children’s park however they were neither repaired or changed for years; making them a risk for children who may get easily hurt with damaged slides or rides. A sad state when a child has limited open spaces for outdoor activities.

During our childhood, the pool of children’s park had plenty of waters and even fishes. But it was long way back. Those who spent their childhood in Kapurthala must be recalling those red fishes and vibrant Shalimar bagh.

The Shakha pitch of Shalimar Garden, still most popular among cricket loving young generation. The youth loves to play cricket on this ground which is surrounded by big trees.

The pubic utility offices are very important and essential destination for the general public. The Suvidha Center situated on the right hand from the entrance and Fire Department is situated on the left side. Moving forward from the left side , you will find the Kapurthala Corporation office buildings.

In short, when you live in Kapurthala, or visiting Kapurthala as a tourist, you cannot afford to miss this place.