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Baisakhi Fair (Vaisakhi Mela) 2022 at Kanjli Wetlands was organized on 23 April 2022 by District Administration.


Welcome to the erstwhile Princely State of Kapurthala. Formerly a princely state is one of the smallest districts of Punjab both in terms of areas and population. Kapurthala is world-famous for its beautiful architecture and rich heritage. Kapurthala falls in the Doaba belt between Beas to the North and Sutlej to the South. Its uniqueness is also two non-contiguous parts of the district. Phagwara block is one part which lies on National Highway New Delhi-Amritsar, industrially developed and the remaining part Kapurthala City, Sultanpur Lodhi, Nadala, Dhilwan.

Kapurthala is famous for Pushpa Gujral Science City, Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s historical Kali bein (Sultanpur Lodhi), Rail Coach Factory, Sainik School (Jagatjit Palace), Ramasar Convention Site Kanjli Wetlands, Panj Mandir, Moorish Mosque, Clock Tower, etc.

Agriculture still dominates its economy. 100% Electrification of villages, Dense Network of Bank Branches mainly due to NRIs.

Darbar Hall, Purani Kachari Kapurthala
Jagatjit Palace Currently Sainik School Kapurthala
Sr.No.DepartmentContact/Emergency Helpline
01.Police Helpline100/181
02.Covid Helpline108
03.Child Helpline1098
06Power Supply1912
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